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Who we are

Pusat Studi Inovasi Digital (Center for Digital Innovation Studies or DIGITS) was established as a form of efforts from FEB Unpad to accumulate and disseminate knowledge and expertise in the areas of innovation with respect to business and digitalization. Through a mission that leads the concept of "Sustaining the Diginnovation Ecosystem", DIGITS is present with the support to strengthen digital ecosystem through various initiatives which ultimately entail people driving the sustainable digital innovation. This belief is translated through various activities in regard to research, consultation, advisory, and other capacity building activities.

Through DIGITS, FEB Unpad contributes to create virtuous loops in the spectrum of digital innovation with two defining dimensions: dimensions of creating competent human being in innovation as well as digital transformation on the sustainment aspect, and dimensions of strengthening collaboration between academics, business, government and community through research and collaboration on the ecosystem aspect.

What we strive for

    • To become a space of research and collaboration of digital business, data analysis, creative industry, and the development of digital start up business, as well as to serve as a means of connecting accumulation of the knowledge and expertise of digital business in Unpad, in the industry, the community, and the government.

    • To provide a space for high quality research and trainings in developing ideas and creativity
    • To answer the challenges and harness the opportunities associated with the scientific developments and contribution as an active element of this fourth industrial revolution
    • To become a centre of research, exploration, and consultation, furthermore contributing to the accumulation and association of knowledge and information to prepare the people of Indonesia as active participants of this revolution

    • The establishment of a digital community with the capacity to fulfil the market’s research, training, consultation, and community service needs.
    • The development and integration of information technology employment in the improvement of service quality to align with the public demand
    • The establishment of the means of collaboration with various parties in answering the challenges of industry 4.0
    • The attainment of internationally competitive research quality

Our Works


Collaboration of researches with internal and external institutions in the field of business and data analytics and business platform valuation. The provision and utilization of lab that facilitates budget analysis of research activities such as big data, IoT, and creative industry. Encourage and facilitate publication of research results as a channel of communication with the overall industry and community


Apart from research, this department will work with partners in various forms of collaborations including consultation, advisory, and assessments mainly in the field of business analytics and digital innovation. A few particularly targeted collaboration are with the Ministry of Communication and Information in the 1000 Digital Start Up project, Badan Ekonomi Kreatif, and the optimalisation of digital business in industries utilizing digital technology such as big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Training & Development

In addition to collaboration in the field of analytics and digital innovation, this department will also be performing training programs both basic and advanced leveled in digital business and the utilization of analytical tools. These trainings are aimed at a wide range of targets from newbies to professionals in digital business and analytics. The courses that will be introduced and guided through include the likes of Hadoop, Spark, analytics with R, extracting social media with API, digital marketing analytics, and so on.

Our Team

Hamzah Ritchi


Irsyad Kamal

Head of Research and Collaboration

Adhi Alfian

Head of Program and Education

Ary Bandana Syahrir

Design and Multimedia

Helmi Naufal R

Design and Multimedia

Dennis Hertiandi


Marvel kinantan


Felix Harly K


M Zikri Firdaus


Muhammad Shiddiq

Design and Multimedia



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Event Schedule

Since we are constantly growing, we’re always trying to create new trainings, seminar, and such. So check here regularly for new opportunities to learn and grow with us.

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