DIGITS endeavors to deliver quality research that spans broad spectrum of digital innovation, involving the digital process and outcome, digital technology, the context, and the interconnection between them. Harnessing both rigor and relevance, DIGITS seeks to contribute to digital innovation research to sustain the value created from the interplay of people-technology in various ecosystems.

DIGITS focuses on diverse aspects of sociotechnical and socioeconomics perspective of information system and technology management that are of fundamental importance for the advancement of Indonesia and global innovation . We therefore undertake variety of topics, including:

– Digital Innovation,
– Financial and Related Technology,
– Digital Marketing,
– Digital Transformation and Strategy,
– Digital Infrastructure
– Business Process Innovation,
– UI/UX Design
– Emerging Technology Innovation
– Governance of Digital Innovation
– Digital Business Valuation
– Data and Process Analytics
– Digital Society
– Business Intelligence
– Digital Resillience, and others.

Current Research

Prior Research

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