Muhammad Yasir Muzayan Haq

Education Experience
– S1 : Sarjana Sistem Teknologi Informasi, Institut Teknologi Bandung
– S2 : Master of Science in Business Information Technology, University of Twente

Work Experience
– 2019 – Now: Part time Lecturer, School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung
– 2018 – Now: VP of Big Data Research & Development, PT Kazee Digital Indonesia
– 2015: Information System and Technology Manager, PT BPRS Alsalaam Amal Salman
– 2013 – 2015: Business and IT Consultant, Freelance
– 2013 – 2015: Marketing Director and Co-Founde, PT Teras Nusantara
– 2011 – 2013: Operation Leader, PT Astra Graphia Information Technology

– Dutch Twitter Analytic to Determine Popular Tourism Spots in The Netherlands using Hadoop and Apache Spark.
– Predictive Study on ATM Frauds in Spain using Data Mining Techniques.
– Business Process Optimization in Regge & Dinkel Clinics: Analysis of Patient Flow and Staff Scheduling using Simulation.
– Predicting Loan Default in Retail Credits: The Case of Indonesian Market.
– IT Governance at the University of Twente: A Join Research with IEBIS UT.
– Development of Virality Prediction Model on Twitter Hashtag.
– CCTV Analytics Implementation in Soekarno Hatta Intl’ Airport for People, Vehicle, and License Plate Recognition.
– Accurate Accounting System Implementation in PT Tridaya Esta.
– Accurate Accounting System Implementation in PT Musika Purbantara Utama.
– CRM System Implementation in PT Jababeka Infrastruktur.
– CRM System Implementation in Yayasan Semai Sinergi Umat.