The Enthusiasm of Digital Payment Service and Millennial Consumer Behaviour in Indonesia


Digits Research Grant

We are happy to announce that our funded article has successfuly been accepted in the International Journal of Professional Business Review . The short description is provided below.

In today’s digital age, consumers prioritize security in mobile banking transactions, yet they often gravitate towards using digital wallets due to enticing promotions and the integration of life-service applications. With the existence of premium digital wallet accounts, consumers increasingly demand enhanced facilities and access to higher balance limits. This research delves deeper into the impact of changing transaction styles in the 4.0 era, examining how consumers from various backgrounds seamlessly integrate technology into their daily lives. Furthermore, it explores consumer preferences in application usage and their willingness to pay transaction fees, whether from traditional bank institutions or emerging digital startups. The study evaluates these aspects in terms of effectiveness, security, and public enthusiasm surrounding digital payment technology. Data is collected from a sample of 225 individuals in Indonesia using a direct online approach and contingent valuation method, including open-ended questions directed at users of both bank-provided applications and digital wallet services. This research is conducted by a team comprising Irsyad Kamal, Rahmah Nur Rizki, and Muhammad Rafif Aulia from Universitas Padjadjaran and is funded by the Digits Grant 2021, organized by the Center for Digital Innovation Studies, FEB Unpad.

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Kamal, I., Rizki, R. N., & Aulia, M. R. (2023). The Enthusiasm of Digital Payment Services and Millennial Consumer Behaviour in Indonesia. International Journal of Professional Business Review, 8(2), e0923.

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