Blockchain-Oriented Design for Accounting Ledger Process

DIGITS-MoECRT Basic Research

In recent years, blockchain technology has received considerable attention in accounting profession.The unique characteristics of blockchain technology such as immutability, consensus mechanism and decentralized database are believed could transform the current environmental paradigm of the accounting and assurance profession. The use of blockchain in accounting is still in its infancy and remained unexplored. As ledgers form a central part of reporting business process, this research aims to explore this underdeveloped area by designing a blockchain-oriented system requirement for accounting ledger and reporting cycle. Building on design science research methodology, this research attempts provide a design of blockchain-specific constructs and conceptual models involving blockchain types; process models of a blockchain-based accounting ledger; business and accounting nodes interactions network; and the governance model of the proposed blockchain-oriented accounting ledger architecture. This team is led by Hamzah Ritchi as PI with members involving Zaldy Adrianto, Adhi Alfian, Dicky Arie Sandy and Saskia Salmana.

Research Team

Dr.rer.pol. Hamzah Ritchi

Principal Investigator


Zaldy Adrianto
Dicky Arie Sandy
Adhi Alfian, S.E., MIM., M.Ak
Saskia Salmana


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