The Development of Design Service Standards and Remuneration for Design Professionals

DIGITS – the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

This research goal is aimed at estimating the standard prices for design services and remuneration for the design profession in Indonesia, as well as mapping the design industry in Indonesia. The purpose of this research will be addressed through regression and descriptive analysis of survey data. DIGITS research team is led by Sunu Widianto, Ph.D with members involving Irsyad Kamal, Millitcyano Sapulette, Aqshel Revinzky, Adhi Alfian, Saskia Salmana, Andreas Recki, Desty Kirana, and Hamzah Ritchi. Supported by a number of student research assistants, this work is deployed in collaboration with designer associations (ADPII, ADGI, AIDIA, HDII, HDMI, and IFC), the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, expert resource persons, and design service users. In developing the survey instrument and regression model, the current study adopts Focus Group Discussion to provide initial key concepts using Delphi approach with several iterations. This study strives to deliver benefits to various parties, especially to designers in Indonesia.

Research Team

Sunu Widianto, Ph.D

Principal Investigator


Irsyad Kamal, MBA
Millitcyano Sapulette
Muhammad Aqshel Revinzky, S.E., MBA
Adhi Alfian, S.E., MIM., M.Ak
Saskia Salmana
Andreas Recki
Desty Kirana
Dr. rer.pol. Hamzah Ritchi, CA


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