Resource orchestration, Digital Capabilities & SMEs International Performance

DIGITS-MoECRT Basic Research

SMEs in various countries, including ASEAN countries, have become a formidable pillar in their national economic development. In the US, as well as in other developed industrialized countries that are members of the OECD such as Japan, Germany, France and Canada, SMEs are an important part of economic growth and technological progress (Thornburg, 1993). In this era of digital transformation, the development of SMEs, especially in the creative industry, cannot be separated from the role and use of technology. The ability of SMEs to adapt and optimize the use of various technologies for various processes in their business has a significant impact on business development. Digital technology can even help optimize SMEs to develop their business internationally. This research, which was conducted by a team led by Sunu Widianto tried to conduct a systematic literature review on Resource Orchestration (RO) and Digital Capabilities (DC) and their correlation with the Internationalization Performance (IP) of SMEs. This team consisted of Irsyad Kamal and Kurnia Khafidhatur Rafiah and involved researchers from UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta Ambar Sari Dewi. Data is collected by literature study on related journals from various sources such as Scopus, web of science, etc.

Research Team

Sunu Widianto, Ph.D

Principal Investigator


Irsyad Kamal, MBA
Kurnia Khafidhatur Rafiah, ST.,MM
Ambar Sari Dewi, S.Sos., M.Si., P.hD


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