[DIGITALKS 3.0 – HIMA BISNIS DIGITAL UNPAD – DIGITS PRESENTS] “Get to Know More: Startup Essentials” Digitalks is a seminar presented by Digital Business Study Program with Center for Digital Innovation of Universitas Padjadjaran for the public to increase understanding and grasp how technological developments have changed patterns of social and economic interaction. It has […]


Learning Blockchain By Creating One

By Ary Bandana, DIGITS Staff Writer In this article, we’re going to try and create our own blockchain. So most people have heard of a blockchain because of Bitcoin. Bitcoin uses a blockchain to store and verify transactions to prevent double-spending attacks. But blockchain doesn’t have to store transactions data only it can store any data […]


Blockchain In Video Games?

By Marvel Kinantan, DIGITS Staff Writer So what do you know about Blockchain? Umm.. Bitcoin? Well you’re not wrong since Bitcoin is related to Blockchain. Then what is Blockchain? To put it simply, Blockchain is growing list of records, called Blocks that are linked using cryptography. Each block Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the […]


Startup Company Preview: ORORI

By Marvel Kinantan, DIGITS Staff Writer “Jewelry is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there.” – Diane Von Furstenberg. She is right, by wearing a good pair of jewelries you’ll shine brighter than you thought you would be. Most people until few years ago or maybe until today still go to jewelry […]

Blockchain Tax

Why Blockchain Is The Future Of Tax?

By Ary Bandana, DIGITS Staff Writer I want to talk about tax systems and blockchain. Now, it might be weird to try and combine, a government institution with an arguably rebel technology, but maybe together they can have some interesting outcome and bring about a super economy. I’m going to start off with a simple […]


Success With DTS 2018, Unpad FEB Returns To Facilitated DTS 2019 Online Lecture

After successfully facilitating online lectures based on the 2018 Digital Talent Scholarship (DTS), the Center for Digital Innovation Studies (DIGITS) Faculty of Economics and Business Padjadjaran University re-participated in the procurement of online lecture material for DTS 2019. The success of the activities carried out previously in 2018 with the quota of participants as many […]

AI Cybersecurity

Deepfake Video: The Double-edged Innovation

By Marvel Kinantan, DIGITS Staff Writer Ever thinking of hearing wise words from your late grandma? Or want to be taught by Richard Feynman the legendary teacher? Technically it is not possible since both your grandma and Richard Feynman are gone. One possible solution is by using time machine to go to the past to […]

Personal Finance

Helpful Yet Problematic Financial Solution

“There are still 2 weeks until payday, but i’m running out of money what should i do?” one of the easiest solution to answer that question is by asking someone to lend you his money, or by taking a loan to financial institutions such as bank. Yet today due to advancement of technology there is […]


Libra, can we trust Facebook with our money?

By Dennis Hertiandi and Ary Bandana, DIGITS Staff Writer Facebook has released the details of its new cryptocurrency, Libra, which will let people buy things or send money to another person with nearly zero fees. There will be the ability to cash in and cash out Libra online, or at local exchange points (for example grocery […]

Data Science

Monte Carlo Simulation Using Python

By Ary Bandana, DIGITS Staff Writer Today were going to dip our toes a bit in data science for finance to get you all interested in it. This will not be a comprehensive beginner tutorial which we will create in a couple of weeks, but it will paint a picture on how advance data science […]